Undergraduate capstone projects

Capstone projects are the highlight of many undergraduate engineering students’ educations, because they allow senior students with an opportunity to work in teams to tackle real world applied research and design projects for sponsoring clients.  Scroll down to see how you can sponsor a project.

AY 2014-15 Projects
Child Mobility Platform for the Institute for Human Development at NAU
Dynamic Voice Operated Exchange (VOX) for Cobham Aerospace (limited website due to non-disclosure agreement)
Dynamometer Test Bench for Small Scale Motors for NAU's Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions
Imager for Space Radiation - Team 1 for NASA's Johnson Space Center
Imager for Space Radiation - Team 2 for NASA's Johnson Space Center
Solar Charger for Cell Phones for NAU's Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions
Mapping and Communication System via WiFi for Cobham Aerospace

May 2014 projects are complete and you can see their final project websites by clicking on the links below:
ARBSource Potentiostat

Off-grid Refrigerator
Smart Greenhouse to Extend Growing Season
Software Defined Radio (limited website due to Intellectual Property agreement)
Solar Tracking Device (WERC competition at NMSU)
Wind Generator (DOE/NREL 1st Annual Collegiate Competition)

WE NEED PROJECTS for Fall 2015 by September 1st.  Consider helping educate students by providing a challenging project.  See how below!

Scope of work

Most projects are initiated in the fall semester and are concluded in early May. We have also expanded our capstone course offering to a Spring-Fall project cycle under the classes EGR 476C and EGR 486C.  These classes do multidisciplinary projects.  Student teams in the Fall-Spring cycle present their work at the college’s annual UndergraduateResearch and Design symposium, scheduled in late April 24. If appropriate, the team may also deliver a prototype, design plans, or a completed product.  Some teams also participate in national competitions.

Get involved, sponsor a team

As a company, member of the community, or individual, we look to you to help propose projects. Your proposals give students a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity on problems you would like to see addressed, while fostering relationships with potential employees.

A brief description of the problem you want solved or the product you want students to design, including the knowledge and skills needed of the proposed project are due on September 1. We can put together multidisciplinary teams that include civil, environmental, electrical and mechanical engineering along with computer science and business students, if appropriate.  You will be notified if your project is chosen in late September.

Projects should include opportunities for students to:

  • learn and apply new technical or interdisciplinary skills
  • analyze and make trade-offs
  • incorporate contemporary issues
  • apply project management methods

Sponsor commitment details

As a sponsor, you:

  • must be committed to providing a learning experience and be willing to communicate on a regular and timely basis with your student team
  • are asked to fund the direct costs of the project that include material and manufacturing costs, student travel expenses during the project, and specialized software, hardware or equipment costs
  • are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations to our Senior Design Foundation Fund, which is used to enhance our Design4Practice program and finance a limited number of non-commercial capstone projects (e.g. a community service project or design competition)


If you or your organization desires to have a team of NAU seniors work on your project, please contact:

David R. Scott
Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Phone: 928-523-3162