Student Organizations

Construction Management Organization (CMO)

The CMO is the umbrella construction management student group at Northern Arizona University. The student chapters of AGC, LCI, NAHB and NAWIC all operate under the auspices of CMO. 

Mission Statement

The Construction Management program is comprised of future professionals with a vision of bringing a strong work ethic and passion for construction to the industry. Our pledge is to provide our students with the tools needed to become such a professional. 

What we do:

  • coordinate the work of the various chapters with faculty
  • coordinate the various community service work opportunities
  • run the student golf tournament and senior banquets

The 2016-2017 CMO Officers are:

President: Tadd Neve
Vice President: Devin Johnston
Treasurer: Kathryn Vandor
Secretary: Megan Lindsey
Quartermaster: David Heckard
Social Media Coordinator: Dillon Perkins
AGC Representative: Rikki Nye
NAWIC Representative: Sami Standen
LCI Representative: Callie Johns

Mentorship Program

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Students Involved

This program consists of one upper classman (Junior/Senior) that will mentor up to three novices (Freshman/Sophomore/or New to Program). The students will be required to be a member of the Construction Management Organization in order to participate. The mentors are responsible for making themselves available for meetings whenever the underclassman requires help. Each mentor group will be required to attend a minimum of 8 meeting per semester.

Program benefits
  • Tutoring for all classes in progression plan
  • Class schedule advice
  • Familiarization with the Construction Industry
  • Help choosing a career path in the Industry
  • Mentees will pay half price for CMO membership
  • Inclusion in social and program events
  • Advice on marketing yourself in the Industry
  • Help with non-academic situations and advice
  • Resume Builder
How it all works
  • The AGC Rep is in charge of acquiring the list of participants
  • Once the list is complete the CMO Officers will assign the mentor’s to their mentees
  • Each Mentor will be assigned three mentees via signup
  • The mentor will setup an initial meeting
  • All participants in each mentor group will exchange information for future meetings
  • Each group will act as a “Team” and be in charge or at least one CMO Event
  • Each mentor group is required to meet a minimum of 8 times a semester
  • Any issues or conflicts will require a scheduled meeting with the President to be resolved

CMO news

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Suggestion box

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National student chapters

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Associated General Contractors of America Student Chapter (AGC)

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The existence of AGC student chapters indicates student interest in the professional construction industry. This exposure of construction students to the working industry is vital to the preparation of future industry practitioners.

Construction is the nation's largest industry. Hospitals, schools, highways, water treatment plants, airports, bridges, and shopping malls—every American is directly affected by construction. It is an industry with unlimited potential and opportunity.

Membership is one of AGC's 150+ nationally chartered student chapters offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about construction; to further develop you abilities; and to observe the industry in which you will work after graduation.

Lean Construction Institute (LCI) - NAU Community of Practice

NAU has created the first ever Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Student Chapter! More information about Lean Construction, please visit their website.  If you are interested in joining this student chapter, please contact Callie Johns

National Association of Home Builders Student Chapter (NAHB)

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Housed under the Residential Construction Academy, and funded by NAHB, corporate partners, and student member dues, the National Association of Home Builders Student Chapters program helps to enrich the educational experience of students enrolled in construction-related fields such as: 

  • construction management
  • engineering
  • architecture
  • real estate
  • the trades

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)

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Student chapter membership of the National Association of Women in Construction is open to women enrolled in construction-related programs at institutions of higher education and vocational training programs. Membership benefits are the same as an active chapter membership except students cannot vote or hold office.

Sigma Lambda Chi (SLC)

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The fundamental purpose of Sigma Lambda Chi is to provide recognition to outstanding students in construction curricula. Sigma Lambda Chi is the society that offers students the opportunity to be recognized locally and internationally for their academic accomplishments as a construction major.  SLC is by invitation only, based on GPA.

Aside from the fundamental purpose, Sigma Lambda Chi has three objectives:

  • The first is to render service to the major field of study. This is accomplished by active student participation in tasks and events that affect the construction program that houses the local Sigma Lambda Chi chapter.
  • The second objective is to develop good relations among campus, industry, and the public. Undertaking projects which further this purpose is expected of members of Sigma Lambda Chi.
  • The third objective is to recognize outstanding professional individuals in construction. Sigma Lambda Chi has honorary membership classifications that can be bestowed upon individuals who deserve special recognition because of their contribution to construction education or some facet of the construction industry.