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Construction Management career tracks

Since the position calls for a college degree and substantial experience in different construction roles, good construction managers are tough to find.

In the United States, construction projects account for almost 10 percent of the Gross National Product. The construction business is also incredibly diverse, and there is a large demand for Construction Management professionals with degrees.

Typical entry level positions (click to expand)

Superintendent: Responsible for all field operations on the construction site, including subcontractor scheduling, material and labor management, and customer relations.

Assistant superintendent: Supports the site superintendent in the management of the construction project.

Field engineer: Is charged with site layout and quality control on the jobsite and assists in document control and submittal review.

Safety engineer: Manages safety on construction jobsites and formulates safety policies for the construction firm.

Cost engineer: is responsible for cost control on the contraction project, and works closely with estimating in developing historical costs for future estimates.

Estimator: Is responsible for developing computer based cost models of the construction project, which are used to negotiate contracts with subcontractors and owners.

Purchasing agent: Expedites material procurement and delivery and helps develop subcontract agreements.

Project manager: handles the administrative side of the construction project by negotiating change orders, developing schedules, managing contracts, and maintaining bottom line responsibilities.

Scheduler: Develops computer based scheduling models which are used to keep the job on track.

Expediter: Assists in maintaining construction schedules and handle the purchase and tracking of important material components at the jobsite.

Sales/marketing: Market construction services or construction products and materials. 

Finding a Job


Visit the Construction Management LinkedIn group. This is a professional networking site where you can post your resume and search for available positions.

If you use your Northern Arizona University e-mail address to join, you will automatically be accepted into the group upon request.

Arizona Builders' Alliance

This free service will expose your information to more than 300 Arizona employers through the Arizona Builders' Alliance.

Jobs for Jacks

This online employment database is exclusively for NAU students to aid in searching for jobs during the school year or the first step into your career. Read more and sign-up for this free database.


ContractorSelect is a website dedicated to the construction industry.  Its main objectives are to provide information and resources tho the people working in the construction field. Visit and sign up for free and customized job alerts.