Internships for Construction Management


Construction management students are encouraged to complete a Field Work Experience (Internship), to enhance their educational experience.

CM 408 is considered an elective.  It is not required for graduation and may NOT be substituted for a required CM class.

Students are required to solicit and obtain their own employment for their internship. No contractual relationship between the employer and NAU is implied.

Students may use the CM 408 Field Work Experience or CM 499 (ASC Competition Preparation) but not both for one of their CM Electives. The Internship Coordinator or Department Chair must approve any proposed internship. Three credit hours will be assigned according to established guidelines. 

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General Guidelines are as follows:

  • Employment or involvement in the intern opportunity shall be for a minimum of six (6) weeks and at least 192 hours of direct work contact.
  • The internship must be in any area that is construction oriented and must be approved in advance.
  • Each intern will:
    • Complete the necessary proposal, including an outline of their expected responsibilities and exposures.
    • Submit weekly reports
    • A paper detailing the intern experience.
    • Complete a follow-up interview with  Internship Coordinator
    • Present the internship experience to either a lower level CM class. The student may opt to create a professional-quality video presentation on their internship.
    • Direct supervisors will be required to:
    • Complete start of internship paper work
    • Submit weekly reports
    • Submit an end of internship evaluation.
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Next Steps:

Download the Documents below, starting with CM408 Exhibit 1: Field Work Experience Check list.
Read CM408 Exhibit 2: CM Summer Internship Program
Complete CM408 Form A: Internship Application and submit to CM Internship Coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to term (for summer term, this would be by the end of spring finals week)


CM408 Exhibit 1: Field Work Experience Check list
CM408 Exhibit 2: CM Summer Internship Program
CM408 Form A: Internship Application
CM408 Form B: Objectives and Work Experiences
CM408 Form C: Weekly Work Learning Report
CM408 Form D: Student Work Evaluation
CM408 Form D1: Supervisors Evaluation