Labs & Safety Training

The overall mission of the CECMEE Laboratories is to provide state-of-the-art facilities capable of supporting both the instructional and research needs of the students and faculty, as well as to provide access to others within the University that may have well defined, synergistic educational or research needs.  Students have access to these facilities through various courses and during the conduct of undergraduate research, special projects through student organization design competitions or senior capstone design projects.

We maintain several Lab Facilities and work areas to serve our mission. In order to smoothly transition between space and project needs we have established guidelines for Lab Use and implemented Lab Safety guidelines.

It is required that all workers who will perform work in a lab where it is reasonable to expect that they will either use chemicals or potentially be exposed to chemicals, must complete the NAU Chemical Hygiene Training (Parts 1, 2 and 3) before beginning any work. It is the responsibility of all project directors to ensure that their student workers have completed this training. This training is provided through NAU's Environmental Health and Safety Office and may be accessed through Health and Safety Classes and Online Training. 

Gerjen "Gary" Slim, E.I.T., Instructor and Lab Manager, 928-523-4291

Bridget Bero, Ph. D., P.E., Professor and Department Chair, Department Chair, 928-523-2051

Emergency and Compliance Contact Information:  Download the PDF containing phone numbers and personnel contact information.