CEFNS Teaching and Research Machine Shop (TRMS)

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"If only we could make a stand to mount our coring tool onto our raft…"

"If only we could make a platform to load a specific number of beads into each of these vials, we could save hundreds of hours…"

"How can we transport our new big plasma TV to workshops without damaging it?"

These and many other questions have found their answers at the Research Machine Shop.  Machinist Greg Florian can make virtually anything out of metal, plastic, or wood, and is often able to make it better than you first envisioned, and for much less money—25 to 80 percent less than to have it done elsewhere. 

With more than 3,000 projects completed in 20 years, the CEFNS Teaching & Research Machine Shop is the place to bring your ideas for research, lab, or field-oriented equipment fabrication. The shop provides design consultation and fabrication using a variety of materials and machining services, including milling, grinding, welding, lathe work, and cutting of all types of materials. Materials include wood, plastics, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Project examples include:

  • Acid Evaporation Chamber
  • Livingston Coring Tool
  • Slot Corer
  • Podoscope, Foot Measuring Platform
  • Isopod Rearing Station
  • Radiation Guards
  • Camera Mount
  • Pressure Chamber
  • Instrument Tower
  • Solar Panel Frames
  • Telescope Stand
  • Tree Hugger

Tray 225x150

Things as simple as plastic gel boxes for DNA research and plastic “Y” mazes for animal behavior research, to more complex items like foot measuring devices used in gait and shoe design research, a custom stand for NAU’s 20” telescope and digital camera, leg and arm ergometers, and lake coring tools.


Pool 225x150

You’ll also see Greg’s handiwork across campus in unexpected places. Greg designed and built the pool bulkhead at the Wall Aquatic Center. The center needed 25-yard lanes for certain events, but the pool was not originally designed with them. The bulkhead Greg designed has a sturdy walkway along the top, allowing coaches to walk out to talk to athletes in the pool.



 micro 175x240  Machine 225x150  TV cabinet 225x150 

DID YOU KNOW we also repair equipment and tools that are worn or broken. The shop can save researchers considerable time, energy, and money with a low hourly rate and on-campus support.  University employees can also pay to use the equipment in the shop for university projects.

Call to discuss your next custom project:
TRMS-Teaching Research and Machine Shop
Greg Florian

Or email this Shop Project Authorization Form to Gregory.Florian@nau.edu to initiate services from the Machine Shop.

Located on North Campus, Building 24