Commission on Ethnic Diversity

The Commission on Ethnic Diversity (CED) offers an opportunity for dialogue, shared experiences, and advocating change for people of color and allies committed to anti-racist, non-discriminatory, and participatory practices through collaboration with other university commissions, academic units, and the Chief Diversity Officer of Norther Arizona University (NAU). CED seeks to create environments that reflect the struggles and successes of communities of color in both the United States and in global contexts. 

For students, staff, faculty, and administrators, CED strive to: 

  • Promote the recruitment and retention of students, staff, faculty, and administrators of color at NAU
  • Advocate for equity in salary and working conditions by strategically negotiating policies and practices
  • Contribute to the development of a welcoming and supportive environment for faculty, staff, and students of color at NAU
  • Support the integration of academic and student affairs programming focused on racial/ethnic diversity issues
  • Collaborate with other university commissions to make recommendations to NAU's Office of the President

Members contribute to diversity awareness and campus dialogue by sharing their own experiences and cultural perspectives.

Membership is voluntary and open to the campus community - students, faculty, and staff.