CCC2NAU information and eligibility

 Cari Advising Trina 470x230

It’s our goal to help students feel a connection to both Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University, as well as facilitate their educational transition. To accomplish this goal, we provide:

  • a waived application fee to the university
  • seamless transfer of credits between the two institutions
  • advising from expert, cross-trained staff
  • a university ID card and e-mail address
  • the option to purchase access to university athletic events
  • full privileges at the university library
  • the option to purchase access to the Health and Learning Center
  • one-on-one guidance in navigating admission requirements
  • info sessions clarifying program benefits
  • 2NAU scholarships for transferring students with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • the option to purchase a meal plan
  • access to university student organizations
  • ability to dual enroll at both institutions