Application Process

The application for the fall 2018 term will be closing in late October.  
The Application for spring 2019 will open up in early November. 

There are two applications you must complete:  

Application 1 is to admit you to Coconino Community College. (This is only for those students who have not already applied to CCC)

Apply to CCC Button 2 

Application 2 is to admit you to the CCC2NAU program. (If you have applied to NAU in the past, you must use a different email address when applying to the CCC2NAU program.)

CCC2NAU Button 1 

Please note that you must apply to both CCC and the CCC2NAU program in order to participate in the CCC2NAU program. You are not a participant in the CCC2NAU program unless you complete both applications. 

 If you are already a CCC student or have already applied to CCC, then you only need to do the "Apply to CCC2NAU" application.  

Please be patient. When you've been accepted, you will receive a letter in the regular mail in 2-4 weeks, depending on processing and postal transit times. 

In the meantime, you can do the following: 

  •  Submit your MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) immunization records to NAU. Please refer to the MMR FAQ's for more information. 
  • Watch the Online Info Session and take the Online quiz.  Please visit the Info Session page for more details.
  • After you've received your placement scores, schedule your mandatory Initial Advising Appointment with a CCC2NAU advisor by calling (928)226-4323. If you have any transcripts from other colleges, please bring unofficial copies of those to your Initial Advising Appointment. 
  • Request official FINAL high school transcripts once you graduate from high school and give them to your CCC2NAU advisor at your Initial Advising Appointment. Please note that the transcripts must be in their original sealed envelope in order to be considered "official".