Internship Websites

These web links can help you find an internship.

The CAL Career Services Office maintains links to websites to facilitate your academic and career planning. However, these sites are not hosted by Northern Arizona University or the CAL Career Services Office and are therefore not governed by our privacy policy.We are not responsible for their web content nor do we officially endorse or encourage use of any service provider listed. We urge you to use caution when using any of these sites, especially when registering and submitting personal information.

 General Internship Resources 
Lists internships, search function 
Search function, lists jobs and internships together, use “internship” as key word search
Search function, internship opportunities for undergraduate students and graduate students
A site devoted strictly to internships for college students
Many companies post here because its free. On the site you can search by area, marketing, education, design. Once you are in the area you can check an ‘internship’ box at the top to round down to the internships
You pay this organization to find you a guaranteed internship of your choice
They help people understand their interests and aptitudes, and how they can apply their talents in the workforce
Idealist connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives
A large database of internships and entry level jobs.
This site matches you to possible internships and jobs 
Search function, must register to use the site 
Search function, must join the site, entering login name/password to access the site 
Features internships in media-related job areas like photography, advertising, film, editorial and more

Search function, use “internship” as keyword to sort internships from job postings


Company websites
You can often find internship opportunities on company websites.  Most websites have a careers section where you can search. If you can’t find the careers section, look under Contact Us, many times they will have opportunities listed there. If you are still unable to find anything don’t be afraid to call. Companies will like that you’ve taken the initiative.



Art Internships
AmericanAssociation of Museums
Suggestions and specific links for looking for an internship in the art field 

Museum Employment Resource Center  
Lists internships available in art museums

Business Internships
Career center lists general internship resources as well as some specific internships 
Search function

Entertainment Internships 
Jobs and internships related to the entertainment field, including art, television, radio, theater

Environmental/Nature/Outdoor Internships
Environmental Education, lists internships and jobs together, so you have to read through to find the internship listings 
Lists internships and jobs together, so you have to read through to find the internship listings

Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildlife Conservation Society, lists internship opportunities

American Hiking Society
Info on interning in a park/outdoor setting

Lists internships and jobs related to the outdoors/nature

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 
Lists internships and summer job opportunities

Internships listed by state, conservation/environmental field

Outdoor Action
Information and links for outdoor/environmental jobs

Rainforest Action Network
Lists internship opportunities

Student Conservation Association
Environmental internship programs

Xanterra Parks and Resorts 
The country’s largest park and resort management company

National Park Service

Global Languages Internships
Foreign language internships

Government/Washington DC Internships
FindLawCareer Center
Search function for internships and summer positions in law

The Chronical of Higher Education 
Article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Jump-Starting Your Government Career”

Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Internship opportunities for students in the fields of international affairs, political science, law, history, or economics 
Information on Washington DC internships, mainly in the areas of journalism, business, and government

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Internships at the FBI

US House of Representatives
Lists internship opportunities with the federal government that are available to undergraduate, graduate, and law students

Washington Internship Institute
Institute for Experiential Learning, information on Washington DC Internships

Legal Internships
U.S. Dept. of Commerce Legal Internship Recruitment page

Housing Guide For Relocating During Internship
UniversityCareer Action Network 

Educational Housing Services
Housing options in New York City

Non Profit Internships
Lists several internships 

Lists volunteer opportunities based on location

Social Work Internships
The New Social Worker Online
Lists links to several other websites related to social work 


Summer Internships
Camp Channel
Summer employment at camps in various states, most paid positions, some offer college credit 
Search by location, industry, and keywords