Guidelines to creating an internship proposal

Internships give you experience needed for starting a career. If your ideal company doesn’t currently offer an internship,  contact them and propose an internship. 

Things to include when proposing an internship:

  • your strengths/what you are bringing to the workplace
  • clear/concise description of what you are offering to do
  • why you think the employer will benefit
  • why you are the right person
  • your dates of availability & whether you are looking for full/part-time work
  • if you are seeking a paid or unpaid position
  • a resume that includes your: 
    • strengths 
    • academic experiences 
    • participation in student groups 
    • research experience 
    • extracurricular activities 
    • job experiences

Can your internship earn college credit?

It depends. You can earn college credit for most internships. You will need to contact your faculty advisor or your department office to learn more about earning credit for your internship, and where it can be applied in your major.
Many students do internships for the experience, without seeking college credit.