Graduation Resources

Applying for Graduation?

Make sure you will graduate by reading this entire page!!!!

The awarding of degrees is based on your Academic Requirements being completely satisfied and collapsed after you enroll in your last semester of classes. 

Please do the following IMMEDIATELY:

1. Enroll in your final semester.
2. Log into your LOUIE account.  On your home page, click on the drop down menu "other academic..." and view your Academic Requirements.
3. Check to make sure this advisement report is satisfied and collapsed.
4. Not sure why it isn't collapsed or satisfied? See common reasons why it isn't satisfied/collapsed below, and follow the directions.

common reasons
  • You have not enrolled in all your courses yet. Enroll in your courses, then check your report. If you are unable to enroll, confirm these courses will fulfill your remaining requirements by referring to the catalog and/or scheduling an appointment with a CAL advisor: (928) 523-8632.
  • Study Abroad (CIE 499) has a grade of Incomplete. Call CIE to see when your study abroad coursework will post: (928) 523-2409. (Not sure your study abroad courses will fulfill your remaining requirements?) Call to schedule an appointment with a CAL advisor ASAP: (928) 523-8632.
  • Transfer work isn't posted to your Transfer Credit Report, or is still to be completed: call to schedule an appointment with a CAL advisor to confirm this transfer work will satisfy your remaining requirements ASAP: (928) 523-8632.
  • Courses for your requirements are falling into the General Electives area instead of where they should be: call to schedule an appointment with a CAL advisor ASAP: (928) 523-8362.
  • You are in the wrong classes. You will not satisfy your remaining requirements with the courses you have taken or are currently enrolled in. Call to schedule an appointment with a CAL advisor ASAP to see if you can enroll in the correct courses to avoid delaying your graduation: (928) 523-8632. 
  • Have a plan that is NOT in the College of Arts & Letters that is showing as not satisfied? Please contact that department. Look up your advisor contacts in LOUIE. If you do not have an advisor listed, follow this link.

5. Apply for Graduation here.

6.Pay the graduation application fee(s) when they appear in LOUIE.
7. Check your NAU email weekly. You will be notified by academic advisors if you will not graduate due to missing coursework.
8. Pay all fees and complete all to do items in LOUIE to ensure you will receive your diploma on time.

If you need help or have questions 

If you need help or have questions regarding your graduation application, please contact your faculty advisor or Student Services at the College of Arts and Letters at 928-523-8632.


Please follow this link to the application deadlines to avoid paying any penalties.