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Many undergrad students say they’re “pre-law,” but there isn’t actually a pre-law major at most universities.

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People from all majors are accepted into law school—and philosophy majors gain the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills necessary to gain admission to law school and succeed in the law profession.

Pre-law housing

The Flagstaff campus offers a pre-law learning community where you can receive:

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For more information, contact the university’s pre-law advising office.

Mentoring program

PHI 408: Fieldwork Experience is an opportunity for you to introduce philosophy into local high schools through the department’s mentoring program. For more information, please contact Dr. Jeff Downard or Dr. Julie Piering.

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Participating upper-level students work to introduce philosophy to Flagstaff-area high school students through:

  • philosophy lessons
  • moderated philosophical discussions

This one-credit program provides:

  • a foundation to deepen your understanding of philosophical content
  • valuable teaching experience if you’re considering teaching high school or aspiring to attend graduate school


Applications to participate in the program for academic credit for Spring 2012 must be submitted by Wednesday, November 16th, 2011. Announcements for Spring semester will be sent to majors and minors through e-mail.

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For more information or to receive an application, please send an email to


Get connected with other philosophers through our Philosophy Club.


See what your classmates have to say about philosophy in our student-produced e-zine, Zetetikon.