BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Law

Politics and law shape the world we inhabit together. Philosophical study of the intersections of these domains provides insight about the nature of the problems we face in our social lives and helps to cultivate the ideas and habits of mind to craft intelligent solutions to these challenges.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law was created through the cooperation of faculty from philosophy, politics and international affairs, business, honors, history, and math, and offers a truly well-rounded education.

Whether your future consists of graduate school, law school, or professional work, this degree will prepare you for a broad range of rewarding careers and an improved understanding of virtuous citizenship.


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People from all majors are accepted into law school—and philosophy majors gain the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills necessary to gain admission to law school and succeed in the law profession. In fact, scores on admissions tests for law school (LSAT) and for graduate school (GRE) reveal that philosophy majors are top ranked performers. 

Pre-law housing

The Flagstaff campus offers a pre-law learning community where you can receive:

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