PIE Research Application

Principal Investigator(s)

Principal Investigator 1:
Principal Investigator 2:
Principal Investigator 3:

PIE Students/Teachers as Participants


Types of Data

Collect New Data


Use Archived (Old) Data


Other considerations

Other Permissions



Explain the need for the project and the purpose of your project. Cite relevant literature. 250 word limit.

Research Questions

Start each question on a new line. Number each question. Four questions maximum.


Describe how you plan to elicit data from your participants. Do you have a survey, a test, or something else?


Describe how you will analyze your data to answer your research questions.

Research Priorities

Write that name and number of which research priority you are addressing. If none, write "none."

File Uploads

Name all attachments as follows: Last name_Name of instrument/ table/draft IRB.

Final Report

Did you read the last paragraph on the PIE Research Protocol?


Do you agree to submit a final report in the format specified?