Bassoon Studio

Thank you for visiting the bassoon studio website at Northern Arizona University!

The NAU School of Music is an exciting and rewarding place for bassoonists to study and perform music, whether you major or minor in music or choose another career path while continuing your involvement in music. Our high-caliber instrumental ensembles and individualized instruction with a full-time faculty member add to a memorable university musical experience.

Bassoonists at NAU receive weekly lessons, master classes, and reed classes. The number of students is small enough so that students get a very personalized education with a lot of attention.

I'd love to talk with you about the becoming a member of bassoon studio. Please contact me directly to talk about your interests, if you have any questions, or if you'd like a personal tour.

Thanks, Dr. Kent Moore
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Recorded samples of Dr. Moore's performances

  1. Bountry Interferences
  2. Vivaldi Concerto for Bassoon in D Minor I
  3. Vivaldi Concerto for Bassoon in D Minor II
  4. Vivaldi Concerto for Bassoon in D Minor III
  5. Françaix Divertissement IV
  6. Jacob Partita I-V
  7. Françaix Concerto for Bassoon IV
  8. Bertoli Sonata I
  9. Bozza Scherzo for Woodwind Quintet
  10. Fasch Bassoon Sonata III
  11. Fasch Bassoon Sonata IV