Ensemble Auditions

Auditions are held at the start of the semester for all new and returning students, which serve to assess student skills and progress, and determine seat placement in the Symphony Orchestra & Chamber Orchestra. Students will be required to perform excerpts, which can be obtained from the links below.


NAU Symphony String Seating Auditions
August 27-28, 1:00-6:00 pm
Sign-up at Performing and Fine Arts bldg., room 120
or contact Instrumental Studies to request a time.
m.garner@nau.edu, 928-523-2290

Audition materials

Study and practice with these audition materials:

Recordings of piece:

Additional information

All auditionees should check in with the room monitor at least 15 minutes before their scheduled audition time. If you have difficulty downloading the music, please contact the Bands & Orchestras office at 928-523-2290 or email: orchestra@nau.edu.