Julie Hedges Brown


Associate Professor of Musicology

Bldg. 37, Room 229
PhD Musicology, Yale University

Julie Hedges Brown graduated from Yale University in 2000 with the Ph.D. in musicology. Her research emphasizes nineteenth-century music, especially the history, biography, reception, and analysis of Robert Schumann and his music. Her publications have appeared in the Journal of the American Musicological Society, 19th Century Music, Journal of Musicology, Nineteenth-Century Music Review, and Rethinking Schumann (Oxford University Press). She has presented papers at numerous regional, national, and international conferences, including ones sponsored by the American Musicological Society, the International Musicological Society, the International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, the North American Conference on 19th-Century Music, and the College Music Society. She is also a member of the editorial board of Music Theory Spectrum.

At Yale University Dr. Brown served as both an instructor and teaching assistant, and she subsequently held appointments at Tufts University (2000-2001), Case Western Reserve University (2002-2003), and Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Fall 2001, 2004-2007). She has taught a variety of courses, including ones on Baroque topics, nineteenth-century music, symphonic music, music in fin-de-siècle Vienna and Paris, and women and music. In 2011 she received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Associated Students of Northern Arizona University. She regularly teaches the following courses at NAU:

Undergraduate Courses

  • FS 121—First Year Seminar
  • MUS 241—Music up to 1750
  • MUS 242—Music from 1750
  • MUS 293—Understanding Music
  • MUS 330w—Women and Music
  • MUS 485c—Undergraduate Research 
Graduate Courses
  • MUS 584—Introduction to Music Research 
  • MUS 622—Music in the Age of Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel
  • MUS 622—Issues in Nineteenth-Century Music