Graduate Program

Master of Music Curricular Philosophy Statement

Successful music scholars, performing musicians, and music educators recognize the unique nature of the music field as a meta-discipline. The NAU School of Music offers MM candidates an experience that is a synthesis of advanced area-specific training with opportunities to explore the potential symbiotic relationships within the music field.

Master of Music Programmatic Learning Outcomes

The MM in the School of Music at Northern Arizona University will prepare students to:

  • achieve a high level of professionalism and independence in performance, scholarly, and research areas of the music discipline.
  • demonstrate independence in musical interpretation and performance skills.
  • develop advanced analytic and methodological skills.
  • learn and apply strategies for graduate and professional level research.
  • develop an ability to communicate and demonstrate advanced pedagogical techniques.
  • synthesize the historical, theoretical and performance aspects of music across the discipline.
  • integrate knowledge and skills gained in performance and scholarship into a meaningful and intellectual life in a global society.

Master of Music Emphases

Choral Conducting
Instrumental Conducting: Orchestra
Instrumental Conducting: Wind
Instrumental Performance
Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music
Suzuki Violin/Viola
Vocal Performance

Information on Master of Music academic plans may be found on the Graduate College website (click here to view).

Performance Certificate

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