Tuba Audition Repertoire

Undergraduate and graduate audition requirements

  • a solo of your choice (approximately 4 to 8 minutes in length)
  • two contrasting etudes (one lyrical and one technical)
  • chromatic scale and all major scales (preferably two-octave)

Other considerations:  

  • Memorization is expected for the scales, but not for the solo and etudes.
  • No accompaniment is necessary.
  • Sight reading may also be required at the audition.
  • Auditions are competitive, so you are encouraged to choose repertoire that displays your highest level of music-making.

Tuba studio website

Visit the tuba and euphonium studio website for more information about the program.


Genevieve Clarkson, Tuba/Euphonium
Office: Bldg. 37, Room 187
Phone: 928-523-5833
Email: Genevieve.Clarkson@nau.edu