Piano audition repertoire

Undergraduate audition requirements

3-4 memorized selections, including

  • a work by Bach or from the Baroque period
  • movement(s) of a classical sonata (Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart)
  • romantic and/or twentieth-century work

You will also be asked for

  • 4-octave scales and arpeggios played in a steady tempo with correct fingerings
  • sight reading

Graduate audition requirements

Prescreening requirement 

By December 1, piano applicants must submit a preliminary audition recording (DVD is required) with the application.

  • 15 minute DVD recording of a performance

Mail your DVD to:
Dr. Frank Scott or Rita Borden
NAU School of Music
PO Box 6040
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6040

On-Campus Audition
If you are invited for an on-campus audition, you should prepare:

Piano performance emphasis:

  • three major contrasting works that are memorized
  • scales & arpeggios
  • sight reading

Piano accompanying/chamber music:

  • two contrasting solo works
  • a major instrumental sonata such as Beethoven or Brahms violin sonatas
  • a set of German or French songs
  • scales & arpeggios
  • sight reading


Frank Scott, Piano
Office: Building 37, Room 194
Phone: 928-523-3800
Email: Frank.Scott@nau.edu 

Rita Borden, Piano
Office: Building 37, Room 168
Phone: 928-523-2289
Email: Rita.Borden@nau.edu