Camp Life

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Housing, Meals, Supervision

Students who choose to attend camp as resident campers will stay on campus for the duration of their session in Allen Hall dormitory on the NAU Campus. Two campers will share one room. Roommate requests may be made during the online registration process. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests. Males and females are housed separately. Roommates who have not submitted requests during the online registration process will be assigned based on age.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be available to resident campers in the University Dining Hall. Commuter campers will have lunch and dinner available to them in the Dining Hall. The first meal for campers is dinner on check-in day. The final meal for campers is lunch on the final/check-out/concert day. Campers with special dietary concerns should contact the camp office. Many times, the Dining Hall can make special arrangements for your camper!

The  Director of Residence Life, along with the Head Counselors, manage a staff of about 30 counselors and 10 counselors in training (CITs). These people will always be present at events throughout the duration of the camp and campers will never be unsupervised. Their main goal is to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for every camper--and to make sure everyone has a great time at camp!

Health Care

The Camp Nurse, will live on campus in the dorms with campers. She will be available to administer medications, tend to basic injuries and needs, and monitor the overall health and well-being of all campers. Should a camper need increased medical attention for any reason, they are eligible to utilize the Fronske Health Center on the NAU campus. The health center is an outpatient facility staffed by full-time physicians and nurse practitioners.

All campers under 18 years old at the time of attendance at camp, must have a signed and completed Emergency Medical Consent Form on file with the camp office. Campers will not be allowed to check in if this has not been completed.

Free Time and Recreation

Some campers may have up to an hour during their daily class schedules during which they do not have classes. During this time, campers may practice in classrooms, rest at the dorms, or partake in planned activities.
When classes and rehearsals are over each day, there are also a number of planned activities in which campers can participate ranging from capture the flag to Zumba to card games. All activities are supervised.

There are also scheduled activities every evening for all campers. Activities are planned to offer an array of musical experiences as well as fun social activities. Activities can be found on the various activity/concert schedules and are subject to change.


Each instrumentalist (except pianists) will be expected to bring his or her own instrument as well as a folding music stand. Percussionists and oboists should refer to the second page of their audition materials for equipment specifics.

There is a local music store in Flagstaff who may be contacted should a camper need to rent an instrument for camp: Arizona Music Pro. A full list of what to bring and what not to bring can be found in the Camper Handbook.