Lumberjack Marching Band

LMB Homecoming 2017
NAU Lumberjack Marching Band 2017

The Lumberjack Marching Band represents the pride, spirit, and traditions of Northern Arizona University. Together, we support the Lumberjacks with dynamic and colorful performances at athletic events, rallies, and community events. As ambassadors for the University, we serve our fellow students, alumni, and community. We are bonded together by our love of performing, camaraderie, and Lumberjack Pride. The memories and friendships we form in the Lumberjack Marching Band stay with us for a lifetime.

Joining the band

 Membership is open to all Northern Arizona University students regardless of major. No audition is required to join. Generally, two years of experience on a band instrument or one year in color guard is sufficient. We will teach you how to march during band camp. Twirlers must audition in the spring.

Top Five reasons to join the Lumberjack Marching Band:

  1. Community - You’ll have 150 friends on campus before classes even begin.
  2. Leadership – Gain valuable leadership experience as a section leader, or drum major.
  3. Performance- Be a part of NAU’s largest and most visible music ensemble! Perform in the historic Walkup Skydome at ALL NAU home football games!
  4. Credit- Earn academic credit for doing what you love.
  5. Pride- We are ambassadors for the pride, spirit, and traditions of the Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks.

Ready to join?

There are four steps to joining the Lumberjack Marching Band:

  1. Register for band camp
  2. Register for the course(s) through LOUIE.
    • Register for course number MUP x70 section 601, where x is your level (i.e. 170 = freshmen, 470 = senior).
    • Drumline members will enroll in both sections 601 and 602.
    • Auxiliary (Guard and Twirlers) will enroll in both sections 601 and 603.
  3. Attend band camp in August.
  4. Join the members-only LMB Member Facebook Group 

Sections of the Marching Band

There is a place for you in the Lumberjack Marching Band! The band is made up of the following sections:

  • piccolo
  • clarinet
  • alto saxophone
  • tenor saxophone
  • trumpet
  • mellophone
  • trombone
  • baritone
  • sousaphone
  • drum line
  • color guard
  • twirler
Watch Video: Lumberjack Marching Band entrance onto field


Watch Video: Lumberjack Marching Band entrance onto field

Video Accessibility Instructions:

These video instructions are located directy above a YouTube video. Hit the DOWN arrow key until you hear the words FLASH START. Once the screen reader is inside the FLASH OBJECT, hit the TAB key about 7 times until you hear PLAY BUTTON a second time. Hit the Spacebar key to play the video. You can then hit the Spacebar key again to pause the video. Feel free to hit TAB and TAB+SHIFT to listen to all the buttons in the FLASH OBJECT. Sometimes the PLAY button and the PAUSE button will be listed as an UNLABLED BUTTON.

Marching Band Camp

Marching Band Camp is a required for all members of the Lumberjack Marching Band and takes place the week before classes begin. 

For more information and to REGISTER, please visit the Marching Band Camp page.




Rehearsals are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm inside the J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome or outdoors in Flagstaff's beautiful weather.
Drum Line, Color Guard, and Twirlers begin rehearsal at 3:00pm.


We perform at all home games, pep rallies, select volleyball games, and travel to one away game. We also host and perform at the annual NAU Band Day event.


Dr. William Kinne directs the Lumberjack Marching Band, Jacks Pep Band, and Symphonic Band.