• This Spanish placement test is for enrollment purposes only (see Retrocredit Link for information on how to apply for Retrocredit AFTER enrollment has occured).
  • No one sees the results of the exam except you and you must finish the exam or it will  not give you any results.
  • This placement quiz is NOT connected to LOUIE (so LOUIE doesn’t know you tested out of the pre-requisites for more advanced levels - thus, enrollment must be done manually in the Global Languages and Cultures Dept office with a hardcopy of these results or through an advisor who has enrollment abilities) and you do not automatically get credit for the classes skipped by taking this test.

The Spanish placement test does NOT award credit and does NOT measure proficiency (for any program/degree requirements) and should NEVER be used for that purpose. Only course completion, AP exam credits, CLEP exam credits, challenge exam credits, assessment by a Global Languages professor, lecturer, or instructor & confirmed in writing can adequately establish a student’s proficiency level as it relates to an academic program/degree requirement.

ENROLLMENT PROCESS BEFORE THE SEMESTER BEGINS (after enrollment date/time opens) directions for after the semester begins are below:

For enrollment into levels above 101 (skipping the pre-requisites), you must show the advisor or other enrolling person (this would be actual college advisors - including those in Gateway - or the Global Languages & Cultures office [Bldg. 23 – Room 108]) the hardcopy results of this exam - NOT the Office of the Registrar; they need the fully executed hard copy override form.

Enrollment can only occur AFTER your enrollment date and time has opened. After that time, you can then be manually overridden into a class at the level designated by the exam, therefore, you must provide the person enrolling you with the following information (PLEASE, you must write this information on the hardcopy - if you followed the directions when taking the exam you will have printed out your results / if you missed this step you can use the email of your results "Congratulations, you placed ... "):

  • make sure your NAU ID number printed correctly;
  • the course description (SPA 201) and section (003);
  • class number (8542) - VERY IMPORTANT!

Spanish placement results that say “you placed into SPA 300” mean the student may take 301, 303, or 304W (or SPA 301 and SPA 304W equivalent for native/heritiage speakers courses SPA 311 [Fall] and SPA 312W [Spring]). Native/Heritage speakers should not take both 301 and 311 or both 304W and 312W. IMPORTANTSPA 304W and SPA 312W disqualifies participation in the retroactive credit program, so if a student plans to utilize retrocredits they must be enrolled in 301 or 303, have applied for retrocredit no later than the end of the fourth week of the semester they are enrolled in the qualifying class (hardcopies are required), and get a “B” or better.

Enrollment via email is only an option for new or transfer students not yet in Flagstaff or those who are studying abroad when their enrollment time opens and the email requesting enrollment must include this information; i.e., "I am a new student not yet in Flagstaff ..." or "I am currently studying abroad ... ". If you are one of these students, please forward the emailed test results with the bulleted information above to Alexandria.McConocha@nau.edu AFTER your enrollment time opens. Students currently in Flagstaff MUST bring the hardcopy to the department as noted above - be aware we are required to check before we can enroll via email.


Print hardcopy of placement test results or email (email just says, "Congratulations, you placed into" or "above" XXX XXX), find a section of the course you placed into that fits into your schedule (if you placed above 202 you need to see Alexandria McConocha or Edward Hood), pick-up an override form in 108 and take it to the teacher of the section that fits into your schedule to see if they have room for you in their class (DO NOT DROP your current course until the override form is signed). The professor must sign the Requisites box of the Override form for you if you placed into the class via a Spanish Placement Exam, regardless if there are seats available. If the class is full, but the professor will still accept you into the class, the Class Limit box must be signed as well by the professor. Bring the signed form back to the office for further processing.

Please review the details of the retroactive credit program for more information.

Begin taking the Spanish placement test.