Credit-by-exam policies

CLEP testing and Challenge Exams fall under the general category of “credit-by-exam.” The policies are listed in the current academic catalog under Transfer and Test Credits. University language requirements for BAs can be found under Policy 100810 - if you are taking an exam to meet a BA language requirement please REVIEW this policy before proceeding. If you think Policy 100810 might apply to you and you've received contrary information from your major advisor, please review it with your major advisor before proceeding (they may be unaware of it). All advisors and students can contact Alexandria McConocha with questions or concerns. Some basic policies for these exams are as follows:

  • You may earn no more than 60 units of credit-by-exam. This includes CLEP, Challenge Exam, Dantes, AP, or credit-by-exam earned at another institution.
  • You may not Challenge or CLEP levels 101-202 of your native language. This is determined by the primary language spoken in the high school you attended, not what language is predominately spoken in your household.
  • You may not repeat an exam within one year of your first attempt. Under no circumstances will you be permitted to take an exam for the same course more than twice.
  • Credit earned through an exam must not duplicate credit you have already earned for the same course.
  • You may not earn credit-by-exam in a course that is equivalent to, more elementary than, or substantially overlaps another course in which you have already obtained credit. If you are currently enrolled in a foreign language course and want credit for a more introductory course(s), you must take the exam for the lower course by the end of week eight of the current semester of the course in which you are currently enrolled. No exceptions. No refunds.
  • Credits earned by Challenge Exam(s) do not transfer to other universities. You may take as much credit-by-exam as you want, provided it does not exceed the total 60 unit limit or the limit designated by your academic plan (Major or Minor). However, it will not become part of your academic record until after you complete your first semester. If you leave Northern Arizona University, Challenge Exam credit is not recognized by other institutions. CLEP Exam scores are recognized by other universities for credit; your total score to number of credits awarded varies by university. Scores must be transmitted to a different university via the site, not NAU.

Please e-mail questions about testing to Alexandria McConocha

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