Challenge Exam procedures

Ready to take a challenge exam? Check out the procedures below to make sure you’re prepared.

  1. Read the Northern Arizona University CLEP Policies and Challenge Policies in the academic catalog (most of these same policies apply to Challenge Exams.)
  2. Determine which Challenge Exam you would like to take, the number of units it will give you, and if the exam is still available. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Because exams are locally prepared, exam availability varies from semester to semester because faculty take sabbaticals, etc. Even if you see them on the drop-down menu from the Payment Page, they still may not be offered; please contact the department at 928-523-2361 to verify. There is always someone available to administer Spanish, German, and French Challenge Exams.)
  3. Consult with your academic adviser or the Gateway Center and the current academic catalog to determine how the units will apply to liberal studies requirements and/or your degree. University language requirements for BAs can be found under Policy 100810 - if you are taking a challenge exam to meet a BA language requirement please REVIEW this policy before proceeding. If you think Policy 100810 might apply to you and you've received contrary information from your major advisor, please review it with your major advisor before proceeding (they may not be unaware of it). All advisors and students can contact Alexandria McConocha with questions or concerns - some majors are different in their requirements. Note: Demonstrating "proficiency" at a certain level or above does not require lower level units to get to that level of proficiency.
  4. Make your payment on the payment page or you can make your payment in the department. Challenge exams cost $30 per unit. Four unit exams are $120 and three unit exams are $90. (Please note that if you pay in the department, we can only accept cash, check, or money order. Credit card payments are taken only from the Payment Page.) THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. A payment is your assertion that you have done all the research that is necessary prior to submitting that payment and you are ready to actually take the exam.
  5. Alexandria McConocha will be notified of the transaction the following day. Students will then be notified by Ms. McConocha via email (usually within three days) to come in, fill out the paperwork, and schedule the exam (oral exams will need to be arranged with faculty as directed by the department). Most challenge exams are given in the Global Languages and Cultures Department, Babbitt Academic Annex (Bldg #23) Room 108. The department’s phone number is 928-523-2361.
  6. Complete the required Challenge Exam form in the Global Languages and Cultures Dept. These three part forms must be filled out in the Global Languages office, Babbitt Academic Annex (Bldg #23) Room 108. Statewide academic advisers or students, please contact Alexandria McConocha to make arrangements for proctored exams.
  7. NOTE FOR YUMA STUDENTS: Please contact your academic advisor before paying for a challenge exam.

After the exam:

The Challenge Exam and the form (just the form for Oral Exams) are submitted to the appropriate faculty for grading. After grading, the fully executed form is sent to Undergraduate Admissions, where the results are posted to your record.

You are welcome to contact the Global Languages and Cultures Department in person (with a photo ID) for your results if you wish to know your score before Undergraduate Admissions posts it.

If you do not see the results of an exam on LOUIE within eight weeks of taking the exam, contact the Global Languages and Cultures office first 928-523-2361 for the date it was sent to Undergraduate Admissions and then call Undergraduate Admissions at 928-523-5511 to inquire about the status - give them the date it was sent from the department.