We have advisers to assist you in making the best decisions for your academic career.

If you would like a Global Languages adviser, download this form and turn it into the Global Languages and Cultures main office located in Babbitt Academic Annex, Bldg #23, Room 108. Open advising is also available (no form required) - check with the main office for the contact person, location, and times.

Check your LOUIE account to verify the advisor assignment. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.


Get your foot in the door with these internship opportunities.

Careers in Global Languages and Cultures

The skills developed by studying global languages include being able to:

  • write clearly
  • read material for content and structure
  • listen carefully
  • interpret well

The wide-ranging skills prepare you for jobs as a:

  • translator
  • interpreter
  • language teacher
  • linguist
  • language specialist for a corporation

You could work in industries like:

  • healthcare
  • film
  • international business
  • travel and tourism
  • human rights
  • justice

This list provides you with helpful job searching utilities.

These professional associations and organizations can provide more background on possible career areas.