Spanish MAT Application Procedures & Checklist

This contains the application checklist that details the requirements and forms that you must complete. There are two places on campus that need information from you:

  1. The Graduate College
  2. The in Spanish MAT Program 

Graduate College Application Requirements

It is essential that you visit the Graduate College's General Information page before completing any of the Graduate College's paperwork.

  • Graduate Admissions Application 
  • Official Transcripts 
  • TOEFL Score (International students only) 

Spanish Program Requirements

  • Statement of Purpose 
    • This should be a one page statement in English or Spanish where you describe why this program is a good match for your professional goals.  We essentially want to know why a graduate program in teaching Spanish is best for you.
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
    • We need three letters of recommendation, at least of which must be from an academic such as a professor.
  • Oral and Written Spanish samples 
    • Spanish Oral (speech) Sample: Submit in the form of a CD or an audio file emailed to the program coordinator a 5-minute sample of your oral abilities in Spanish. This sample can be a spontaneous story (something that happened to you or someone else), or an unrehearsed description of a place of interest.
    • Spanish Written Sample: Provide a 3-5 typed, double spaced essay (a paper written for a course or an example of a paper written in “formal” Spanish). This sample must be recent, not more than 3 years old. 

Send all Spanish program requirement materials to:

Dr. Joseph Collentine / Dr. Yuly Asención
Northern Arizona University
Department of Global Languages & Cultures (Graduate Application)
P.O. Box 6004
Flagstaff AZ, 86011-6004

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

All applicants to the program are automatically considered for a graduate assistantship, which provides free tuition and medical benefits while you are paid to teach two Spanish courses per semester. If you do not want a graduate assistantship, please inform the graduate coordinator when you complete your application materials.

The number of assistantships per year are limited so apply early!