MAT Entrance Requirements

Spanish Masters in Teaching Entrance requirements

To be admitted as a student in the Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish candidates will need:

  1. A Bachelor degree either in Spanish (coupled with preparation in general or foreign-language education courses), Spanish secondary education, or a degree/experience in related field (e.g., bilingual education). If you are currently a Spanish education major and interested in the Spanish education MAT, we highly recommend that you meet with one of our advisors.
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, or equivalent. If you do not meet the minimum GPA, your application may still be considered although the degree program office may require additional supporting documents.
  3. Advanced proficiency in Spanish, which you will demonstrate through a written and oral sample.
  4. Spanish Oral (speech) Sample: Submit in the form of a CD or an audio file emailed to the program coordinator a 5-minute sample of your oral abilities in Spanish. This sample can be a spontaneous story (something that happened to you or someone else), or an unrehearsed description of a place of interest.
  5. Spanish Written Sample: Provide a 3-5 typed, double spaced essay (a paper written for a course, or an example of a paper written in “formal” Spanish). This sample must be recent, not more than 3 years old.