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Film series

The university hosts a free International Film Series each semester. See the current schedule here.

Language Clubs

Languages Clubs for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic and future teachers offer participation in organizing and presenting a variety of language-specific cultural events or activities pertinent to the study and teaching of language. A Club (see listing below) has a student leader and student participants who work with a faculty mentor. 

  • French Club advisor: Deniza Ticic - Club President: TBA
  • Global Cabaret advisor: Michael Rulon - Club President: TBA
  • French Theater Guild advisor: Michael Rulon - Club President: TBA
  • German Club advisor: Vicky Vandermale - Club President: TBA
  • Arabic Club advisor:  Mounia Mnouer - Club President: TBA
  • Future Teachers advisor: Karina Collentine - Club President: TBA

    Language Tables

    We regularly sponsor conversation tables in different languages. These groups, facilitated by department faculty, meet regularly during the academic year at local restaurants or cafés to offer students and community members the chance to use their foreign languages skills in a relaxed and informal setting.

    • Spanish (Roberto Serpas / 928-523-7633): Tertulia 
    • German (Marilya Reese / 928-523-9638): Stammtisch – Thursday Evenings at Ni Marco's Pizza
    • French (Deniza Ticic / 928-523-8445): La Table Française – Thursday Evenings at Charly's
    • Italian (Kevin Massoletti): La Serrata
    • Japanese (Makoto Negishi)