Mission and Commitment



The University Writing Commons assists students, faculty, and staff to develop, adapt, revise, and improve their writing, research, design, and presentation skills. We approach writing as a process that is collaborative, recursive, and ongoing, and we encourage writers to hone their talents through continuous practice and feedback.

Our Commitment

  • Collaborate

    We collaborate with writers to improve writing at all stages of the composing process. 

  • Emphasize

    We emphasize that writing communicates knowledge and fosters creativity and discovery.

  • Encourage

    We encourage writers to practice disciplinary discourse conventions to guide their writing.

  • Guide

    We work with writers to show that writing is multimodal and can be improved by including images, media, and design.

  • Foster

    We encourage peer-to-peer feedback to encourage learning for the reader and the writer and to promote drafting, revising, re-drafting.

  • Analyze

    We encourage writers to think critically about how assumptions, stereotypes, and self-perceptions affect their own writing.