Internship Training


Interdisciplinary scope

The IWP has an internship course, English 408/608 combined section, attached to our core values.  The course is designed for student-interns to:

  • Investigate attitudes, perspectives, and understanding of the relevance of writing, research, design, and presentation across disciplines among students, faculty, staff, and the administration (Psychology; Philosophy)
  • Mindfully address writing expectations according to disciplinary and professional conventions (Professional Writing)
  • Respectfully maintain a professional approach that includes students’ needs, faculty expectations, and your team-design (triangulation)
  • Research current writing center theories and practices to assist with our understanding of the complexities of student writing (Writing Center; Literacy Studies)
  • Train how one best works with student academic writing (Business Management; Educational Pedagogy)
  • Design approaches for encouraging student self-efficiency and collaborative work
  • Propose possible training modules for the Fall term: For interns and the University
  • Writing Center writing consultants 

Experiential focus

A key goal for the students is to use rhetoric and Writing Across the Curriculum theories as a vehicle for articulating their ideas, findings, and designs as they collaborate with fellow students in the course. Team designs are not for personal gain, or for personal interest. Instead, student designs will influence how writing consultants are trained in the upcoming academic year. Students spend a term as a problem-solver for students and for faculty. While they are encouraged to reflect upon their academic experiences, students are also encouraged to incorporate individual experiences because they are integral to creating a larger discussion.  Students in this course are each a member of a small team of student activists who are learning about disciplinary differences while maintaining a student perspective about academic writing.

See our full course description for more details.