Integrating the UWC into Your Course

Tours, Presentations, and Collaborations

We are eager to provide a) tours of our sites, b) come to your class to present information about the UWC, or c) to collaborate with you on larger writing projects. To arrange any of these or to discuss the possibilities, please contact us at  or x3-7745.

  • Tours

    Tours of our 3 sites: You can request onsite tours for your students to see where we are located, to learn how to sign up for an appointment, inquire about walk-ins, and to check-in. Give us a 3 day notice, and our UWC Student Assistant will provide the tour and answer any questions that arise.

    Please note: Our three locations are in the Health and Learning Center, Skyview, and Cline Library.

  • In-Class Presentations

    An in-class presentation about the University Writing Commons: With a 2-week advanced notice, we can arrange for a Writing Assistant or a Student Assistant to come to your class and provide a brief presentation on what the UWC is, how to make an appointment, where we are located, and how a student can best prepare for a session.

  • Collaborations on Writing Assignments/Projects


    Meet with us to discuss how we can best collaborate on assignments, projects, and presentations, so that your students may reach maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and success.


To arrange any of these or to discuss other possibilities, please contact us at  or x3-7745. We look forward to hearing from you!