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NAU in Greece

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NAU in Greece is a three-week study abroad course available for first year students studying geology. They travel to the island of Santorini to better understand volcanic eruptions and their local impact.


Professional Communities

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Writing in Professional Communities was the theme for the Fall 2014 Rhetoric and Writing graduate class (English 503) at NAU. Students worked on refining their public writing skills by creating blog entries during their 7-week intensive course, reading and writing for a community of readers interested in issues of professional writing, especially in educational and non-profit organizations.


Bridges & Friends NAU

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The Bridges program, and their friends, invite college and high school students to do research and gain experience in the lab during the summer. When the IWP became aware of the Bridges program, we suggested that the students blog about their experiences to create a comprehensive experience of self-reflection and applied learning.
For the participants, there is a handout with advice and a rubric for the blog entries