About Us


The Interdisciplinary Writing Program encourages continuous refinement and improvement of writing skills to enhance students’ successful learning experiences across the disciplines and to prepare them for a competitive job market. 

We pursue excellence in writing and communication in complex and diverse environments through working actively with NAU students and faculty across the disciplines.
    • Writing and research resources online and face-to-face for students and faculty.
    • Writing and research, document design, and presentation skills workshops for students.
    • Integrating writing into disciplinary curricula workshops for faculty and workshops on grading student writing in conjunction with our Faculty Development program.
    • Writing sessions through our University Writing Commons.
    • Engaging with the broader Flagstaff community through our Community Outreach events.
    We participate in university-wide efforts to align NAU's writing requirements with national standards and workplace needs by:
    • Revising the junior-level writing requirements in collaboration with the Liberal Studies Committee.
    • Reviewing the integration of writing in 100-400 level courses across the disciplines.
    • Exploring opportunities for creating a 200-level writing-focused transition course.
    We foster a passion for writing through our internship program. We encourage project-based learning where students:
    • Designing, researching, analyzing, and implementing projects on NAU’s culture of writing.
    • Creating data-driven projects to increase awareness of the importance of written communication in students’ majors.
    • Producing online projects that influence and improve writing among their peers.

    Who We Are

    • Chase Edwards
      Chase Edwards

      Chase Edwards

      University Writing Commons Coordinator

      Chase Edwards is the University Writing Commons Coordinator. Before moving to Flagstaff, she led mountaineering courses in the North Cascades of Washington and taught environmental science courses in southern California. She holds an MA in Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing as well as an MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University.




    • Brian Marbury
      Brian Marbury

      Brian Marbury

      Interdisciplinary Writing Program Coordinator

      Brian Marbury is the Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Writing Program. He holds a BS in Political Science and a MA in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University. His research interests focus on the political economy of food and agriculture in the United States, social movements, social change, and political theory.




    • Barron_PhotoIWP

      Nancy G. Barrón

      Interdisciplinary Writing Program Director


      Dr. Nancy G. Barron is a professor in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies, Department of English. She is also the Director of the Interdisciplinary Writing Program. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary writing, cross-cultural literacy, technical writing, scientific writing, rhetorics of identity and literacies, and the rhetorics of inclusivity and power.




     Faculty Affiliates

    • Sibylle Gruber for web
      Sibylle Gruber for web

      Sibylle Gruber

      Sibylle Gruber is a professor in Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies. Her research and teaching interests focus on literacy studies, gender studies, rhetoric and cultures, digital literacy, writing theory and practice, rhetorical approaches to travel writing, and the rhetorics of sustainability.

    • Alana landscape
      Alana landscape

      Alana Kuhlman

      Alana Kuhlman is an instructor in Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies. Her research and teaching interests focus on how best to teach interdisciplinary writing, how to integrate feedback on writing in the professions, and how to provide effective writing instruction for multicultural students.

    We are dedicated to the four pillars of communication success: 

    Writing, Research, Design, Presentation