Graduate Program

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The History Department's graduate program offers graduate training leading to the Master's of Arts degree (thesis and non-thesis options). 

Students learn the content, methods and interpretation of history with an emphasis on comparative/world history perspectives.

Areas of specialization may be regional and/or thematic, and should correspond with faculty areas of expertise, which include North America Borderlands/West, United States, Indigenous Peoples/Native Americans, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Global/Comparative, Environment & Health, Colonialism & Nationalism, Class, Race & Ethnicity, and Gender & Sexuality. We also have a vibrant Public History program.


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Former graduate student Jack Reid examined the history of hitchhiking in U.S. society and culture spanning the Great Depression through Ronald Reagan's presidency. He showed that it was, on the one hand, a social practice deeply rooted in the history of American mobility and western expansionism and, on the other hand, a cultural construction upon which Americans have debated the relationship between the individual and the community; notions of masculinity and femininity; race, social class, and public policy. He is currently revising his thesis as a book manuscript for a leading university press.

Applying to the Master of Arts in History

Students interested in applying for the Master of Arts in History program need to include the following materials:
  • Letter of Intent
  • Application to the Graduate College
  • Writing Sample
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores
  • Unofficial Undergraduate Transcripts
Students interested in applying for Graduate Teaching Assistantships will also need to complete the Teaching Assistant Application and provide three letters of recommendation (if applicable). 
Interested students can access the Graduate College Application and further information on the application process at Apply Now.