Graduate Emphasis in Public History

Public History at NAU

Public History is offered in our Master's program as a secondary emphasis.   Beyond the traditional archives or museum studies, the field of public history is actually much broader and includes digital historians, historical consultants, curators, historical interpreters, historic preservationists, and local historians, just to name a few.  Other public history careers include government historians, oral historians, cultural resource managers, film and media producers, historic preservationists, policy advisers, and community activists. Regardless of the position, all public historians share an interest and commitment to making history relevant and useful in the public sphere.

Following the National Council on Public History’s (NCPH) “Best Practices Guidelines,” the history department’s Public History emphasis first trains students to be good historians by requiring everyone in the program to take the same theoretical and methodology requirements of HIS 600, HIS 602, and HIS 550/560, and to have a primary field.

Then, following the NCPH’s guidelines, public history students are required to take a prescribed set of courses designed to introduce them to skills-oriented training.  These include:

  • HIS 502: a graduate seminar in public history
  • a public history elective (such as Museum Studies 599 or Anthropology 534 Foundations of Cultural Resource Management)
  • HIS 686, an approved internship with a museum, archives, or similar institution

Finally, depending on whether they are taking extended coursework or are thesis track, public history students will be assessed through the presentation and defense of a portfolio, a thesis, or a public history project.



Over the last four years, NAU public history students have completed internships with the National Park Service, Riordan Mansion State Park, Cline Library Special Collections and Archives, Lowell Observatory, and the Utah Historical Society.

Program Highlights

Under the direction of Professor Michael Amundson, Public History classes have completed the Louie's Legacy Project [link to:] and contributed to BYU's Intermountain Histories project [link to] Please contact Public History Coordinator Michael Amundson for more information.

Public History Partnerships

National Council on Public History
Arizona Historical Society Pioneer Museum
Cline Library Special Collections and Archives