Connect with the History Department

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Alumni Testimonials

Your success inspires our future and current students, and we hope that their passion for history will inspire you. Please share your success stories with us and read how other alumni have benefitted from their history degrees. 

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Tuesday Mornings

Every Tuesday morning at the William H. Lyon Memorial Conference Lounge, retired history faculty members meet informally.  The tradition began in the 1950s and had been initiated by the chair of the department, Professor William W. Tinsley.  When Professor Tinsley passed away in March 1962, the new chair of the department, Professor William H. Lyon, continued the tradition.  Since then, several retired sociologists have since joined the group.  The group pictured here includes Professor Monte Poen, Professor Rick Tilman, Professor Dwight Mayo, Professor Arnold – A.K.A. Mike – Brown, Professor David McKell, and Professor Dennis Rusche.