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Phi Alpha Theta

Interested in joining the national history honors society?  At the national level, Phi Alpha Theta membership offers scholarships and undergraduate publishing opportunities.  At the local level (the NAU Kappa-Theta chapter), you can find help with scholarship and graduate school applications, and advice on historical writing and careers in history.  For more information or to apply, please contact Dr. Tom Finger or Dr. Camarin Porter. We look forward to meeting you!

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History Club 

The NAU History Club was founded in 2012 and became an officially accredited club on October 11, 2012. As outlined in its mission statement, the NAU History Club aims to enhance a love for history while making it more accessible to the community. Hoping to bring together the university community and the community at large, the NAU History Club hopes to spark an interest in history, and allow people to recognize its importance through a variety of projects. The objective of the club is thereby to offer creative, collaborative, fun, exciting, and interactive ways to bring history to life within the university community and beyond. By encouraging collaboration among the administration, faculty, and students of Northern Arizona University the NAU History Club is a new vibrant part of the community.

Alumni Testimonials

Your success inspires our future and current students, and we hope that their passion for history will inspire you. Please share your success stories with us and read how other alumni have benefitted from their history degrees. 

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Tuesday Mornings

Every Tuesday morning at the William H. Lyon Memorial Conference Lounge and Suite, retired history faculty members meet informally in the faculty lounge.  The tradition began in the 1950s and had been initiated by the chair of the department, Professor William W. Tinsley.  When Professor Tinsley passed away in March 1962, the new chair of the department, Professor William H. Lyon, continued the tradition.  Since then, the group has met in various places and times until around 2004, when the meeting became regularized as a Tuesday morning institution.  Several retired sociologists have since joined the group.  The group pictured here includes Professor Monte Poen, Professor Rick Tilman, Professor Dwight Mayo, Professor Arnold – A.K.A. Mike – Brown, Professor David McKell, and Professor Dennis Rusche.