Alumni testimonials

Cody Ferguson Cody Ferguson, MA Student

Attending NAU for my master’s degree has proven one of the best decisions I’ve made. The quality of instruction and accessible, caring faculty, have made for an enlightening and truly enjoyable experience. The thematic approach to history and emphasis on theory that mark this program will make me a more competitive candidate as I apply to PhD programs this winter. Then there are the benefits of life in the little high-desert utopia of Flagstaff. I found plenty of respite from studying in the miles of hiking and biking trails and numerous rock climbing areas surrounding the vibrant downtown helping to add balance to grad school life.

Tam Hoskisson Tam Hoskisson, PhD Student

My time here at NAU was very rewarding. The History Department has provided a warm and welcoming environment that I doubt I would have found in a larger program. The faculty is uniformly excellent. I’ve especially appreciated their treatment of theoretical approaches to history, as I had no solid foundation in theory prior to coming here. I initially chose to pursue a PhD at NAU because it appeared I would gain valuable teaching experience not available to graduate history students at other universities. This assumption proved to be correct. I can now list two years of independent college teaching on my curriculum vita. This will greatly enhance my prospects on the job market. For these reasons alone, I know I made the right choice in attending NAU.

Catherine Tracy Goode Catherine Tracy Goode, MA Student

I graduated with an MA from the Department of History in 2000, with a major in Latin America and a minor in Gender, Race, and Class. Courses like “Historiography” and “Power, Hegemony, and Counter-Hegemony” were my introduction to the Department focus on theory and comparative frameworks.  Among others, I read works by Foucault, Gramsci, and important anthropological works on ethnography and power—texts that I still reference ten years after my first semester at NAU. These experiences were possible because the faculty at NAU are dedicated to challenging graduate students to think beyond the historiography of their field, fitting original research into the comparative paradigms studied in the classroom. The hands-on approach of the faculty provided personal and professional support, which made my time as an MA student more productive and less stressful.

Kristin Mann Kristin D. Mann, PhD Student

The PhD program at Northern Arizona University was a perfect fit for me. The small class size and individual attention from the faculty allowed me to engage with theory, methods, and historical content. The unique thematic fields gave me tremendous preparation for comparative historical analysis as well as for teaching World and US History survey courses. I was able to travel to archives and professional conferences due to the scholarships and fellowships provided by the History Department. I couldn't have asked for better faculty mentors who were truly committed to my success as a scholar and teacher.

Tim Schorzman Tim Schorzman, MA Student

Within the department, I was able to tap into a richly comparative emphasis that allowed me to view historical forces from many perspectives, and apply them to current issues. I was able to work closely with the entire faculty, rather than just those in my specialty areas. It is a hard-working department that reflects the openness and vigor of the Flagstaff community.

Rachel Constance Rachel Constance, PhD Student

I studied Medieval European history at NAU; the rigorous coursework challenged me to grow as a historian and as a person. The professors here are caring and energetic people. They work hard to encouraged me to be a better person, and supported me in the endeavors I undertook. Because of NAU, I felt like when I graduated, I would be a very marketable professional.

William Marty William Marty, MA Student

Having attended NAU for my undergraduate degree, I choose to remain here for the graduate program because of how small and personal the program was. I was able to work with professors one-on-one, and it was really easy to get to know the rest of the grad students.

Beth Grimes Beth Grimes, MA Student

I studied US Gender History, Women's Studies, and American 20th Century Popular Culture. My experiences as an undergraduate and graduate student with NAU History have been so valuable. NAU History fosters a very special and unique community of students and educators. I feel extremely fortunate to have had mentoring professors with the breadth of knowledge that they do. Every semester brings something new and exciting to my table of learning; I know the education I've gained from here will be priceless.

carrie_deakin 100x100 Carrie Deakin, MA Student

I currently work as a content strategist with Northern Arizona University Marketing. I write web content, advertisements, brochures, and other marketing collateral for the university. I do a lot of research, analysis, creative and critical thinking in this position. I am also a project and traffic manager on various initiatives; I manage communications and monitor project progress. Much of what I do relies on the skills I developed in the graduate history program. In addition, my master's thesis, "'A University Worther of its Name': Political Intellectuals and the New Left at Arizona State University" was published in the Journal of Arizona History.