About the Curriculum Committee



The College of Arts and Letters Curriculum Committee is chaired by a faculty member of the College or his/her designee.

Voting membership

The voting membership elected by the respective academic units is made up of one member each from:

  • Art
  • English
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Arts and Religion
  • Modern Languages
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Theatre

Administration of meetings

Each meeting is convened by the Associate Dean, who:

  • collects materials for the meetings
  • is responsible for
  • securing the approval of the Dean for committee recommendations
  • passing materials to the University Curriculum Committee or the University Graduate Committee
Committee mission

To ensure university graduate and undergraduate curricula and all regulations pertaining to these comply with the stated mission and goals of the college and the university, the College Curriculum Committee establishes and maintains:

  • standards
  • policies
  • procedures

The College Curriculum Committee coordinates all undergraduate and graduate curricula to:

  • assure academic integrity
  • prevent unnecessary course proliferation

The Committee reviews, evaluates, and recommends to the Dean approval or disapproval of all:

  • new
  • undergraduate courses
  • programs
  • degrees
  • proposed changes in existing
  • courses
  • programs
  • degrees

New programs and major programmatic reviews are subject to the approval of the President of the university and the Arizona Board of Regents.

Planning, development, and maintenance

Faculty responsibilities and authority

The College of Arts and Letters recognizes that the Faculty has, in accordance with the Conditions of Faculty Service (sections 2.5.2 and 4.13), as well as Title 38 and 39 of the Arizona Revised Statutes:

  • responsibility for
  • curriculum
  • subject matter
  • method of instruction
  • the power to alter curricular changes and procedures by
  • initiating review thereof
  • formulating
  • recommending the enactment of
  • overseeing

Review of proposals

There are four levels of review for curricular changes and proposals in the College of Arts and Letters:

  1. A Faculty Curriculum Committee, be it at the level of the unit or a subunit therein which facilitates the rights of due process for each faculty member in that specific area
  2. The department or school chair
  3. The College Curriculum Committee
  4. The Dean on behalf of the College

Proposals will be considered in terms of:

  • improvement and maintenance of program standards
  • the necessity to avoid or prevent undue course proliferation