Tracey Hayes, PhD

Tracey Hayes Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studie
Blg 18 Rm #105
Phone: 928-523-0155


Dr. Hayes received her PhD in Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies from Arizona State University. She has published in Computers and Composition as well as presented papers at the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) and Computers & Writing. Her recent research focuses on how protests function online in digital spaces, and the literacy practices that occur within these spaces.


Hayes, Tracey J. (March 2017). #MyNYPD: Transforming Twitter into a Public Place for Protest. Computers and Composition, 43, 118-134.

Courses Taught:
ENG 210: Principles of Rhetoric and Writing
ENG 305w: Writing in Disciplinary Communities
ENG 561: Introduction to Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies
ENG 562: Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition Theory
ENG 626: Topics in Digital/Social Media – Social Media & Social Engagement

Research Interests:

Social Media
Digital Literacies
Multimodal Writing