Timothy Yamamura, PhD

Timothy Yamamura Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Post-colonial, Transnational, and World Literatures
Blg 18 Rm #LA 326
Phone: 928-523-6013


I am a new faculty member in the English department at Northern Arizona University, where I teach classes on post-colonial, transnational, and world literatures. My research and teaching interests include transnational Asian American literary studies, post-colonialism in Asia/Pacific, science fiction studies, and critical race, ethnic, diaspora, and cultural studies.

A San Francisco-native, I graduated with honors with a B.A. in English from Seattle University, earned two M.A.’s in Professional Writing and East Asian Languages and Cultures from the University of Southern California, and recently completed my PhD in Literature at UC Santa Cruz. While a doctoral candidate, I received the UC Pacific Rim Dissertation Research Award for my dissertation, "Science Fiction Futures and the Ocean as History: Literature, Diaspora, and the Pacific War,” a transnational, comparative study on the history of science fiction in the U.S. and Japan. My scholarly work has appeared in the Asian Theatre Journal, the U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal, the Pacific Reader, and as editor and introducer for Hiroshi Kashiwagi’s Starting From Loomis and Other Stories, published by the University Press of Colorado. I also have an essay, “Fictions of Science, American Orientalism, and the Alien/Asian of Percival Lowell,” in a forthcoming collection on the representation of Asia in science fiction, Bamboo Worlds, published by the University Press of Mississippi.