E. Irene Matthews

E. Irene Matthews Emeritus
Northern Arizona University
Comparative Literature


After several former lives wandering the globe, Irene Matthews took her B.A. (honors) in Modern Iberian and Latin American Regional Studies (MILARS) at University College, London (great school!), then her PhD in Comparative Literature on a number of campuses in several countries, finishing up at the University of California at Davis. After a postdoctoral year at the University of Rochester researching feminist theory and film studies, at NAU since 1991 she teaches World Literature (which means just about anything from everywhere), but specializes in Comparative Literature from contemporary Europe and the Panamericas, Latin American Literature and Film, Women's Literature from around the world, Film studies and film theory, feminist theories, colonial and postcolonial texts and theories, writing on war, all with a "culture studies" approach -- a mixture of texts from High and Low Culture and whatever comes in between. She believes that Poetry and Politics are two sides of the same cultural coin, and hopes her students will eventually come to appreciate (and deconstruct) the social and historical significance as well as the beauty of the language arts. Dr. Matthews' dissertation considered the way gender has impinged upon the fighting and the writing of warfare; she has published several lengthy translations of works written in Spanish, Portuguese and French, a critical biography of Nellie Campobello (Mexican writer), and a number of essays on Latin American writers. She is currently re-casting her biography of Nellie Campobello into a film script, but suggests you don't order the popcorn quite yet.