Björn Krondorfer, PhD

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Björn Krondorfer, PhD
Director of Martin-Springer Institute &
Endowed Professor of Religious Studies
Riles 305 A
(o) 928-523-5029


Björn Krondorfer is Director of the Martin-Springer Institute at Northern Arizona University and Endowed Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies. He completed his PhD at Temple University, Philadelphia, and has taught at St. Mary’s College of Maryland prior to coming to NAU in 2012. His field of expertise is religion, gender & culture, (post-) Holocaust studies, Western religious thought, and reconciliation studies. Publications include Male Confessions: Intimate Revelations and the Religious Imagination (Stanford UP), Men and Masculinities in Christianity and Judaism (London, SCM), and Remembrance and Reconciliation (Yale UP). His scholarship helped to define the field of Critical Men’s Studies in Religions. He also published three volumes in German on the cultural and theological legacy of the Holocaust, and he serves on editorial and advisory boards of several journals.
Nationally and internationally, Krondorfer facilitates intercultural encounters on issues of conflict, memory, and reconciliation. He has been invited to speak, present his research, and facilitate workshops and seminars in South Africa, Australia, South Korea, Finland, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel & Palestine, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada.
In 2007-08, he was guest professor at the Institute of Theology and the History of Religion at the Freie University Berlin, Germany, and he held the status of visiting Faculty Affiliate at the University of the Free State, South Africa. He was awarded a Senior Research Fellowship at the University of Amsterdam for December 2016 and May 2017. He is the recipient of the Norton Dodge Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievements. He delivered the Jerome Cardin Memorial Lecture at Loyola University, Baltimore (2012) and the William Temple Lecture as the first speaker at the Jaamiatul-ilm Wal-Huda (Islamic College) in conjunction with Blackburn Cathedral, UK. In May 2014, he completed the year-long University Leadership Program at Northern Arizona University.
As director, he created, designed, and curated exhibits on the Jewish Ghetto in Bedzin, the Berlin Wall, and the art show “Wounded Landscapes”. Internationally, he has offered workshops on bibliodrama, hagiodrama and sutradrama, and has collaborated with visual artist Karen Baldner on print, book art and installations since 2003.  

Teaching Samples

Convening of Symposia & Conferences

2017. Three-day Symposium: “Strangers or Neighbors? Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Perspectives on Refugees” (jointly with National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education, Seton Hill University), Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ (Oct 15-17). 
2016. Four-day Symposium: “Thinking Critically about Masculinities in Mass Atrocity Crimes” (jointly with Carol Rittner of Misericordia University), University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom (October 15-18). Masculinities in Mass Atrocity Crimes Program 
2016. Two-day Symposium: “Abrahamic Religions: Challenges and Cooperation in the Age of Extremism” (jointly with Mehnaz Afridi of the Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center, NY), Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY (Feb 29-Mar 1). Abrahamic Religions Program 
2015. Three-day Symposium: “Colonial Conquest in the Nazi East and American West: Value and Limits of Comparative Approaches” (with support of the DAAD [German Academic Exchange Service]), Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ (Oct. 11-13). Colonialism Invitation Flyer 
2014. Three-day Symposium: “Muslims and Jews: Challenging the Dynamics of Hate” (jointly with Mandel Center of Advanced Holocaust Studies, USHMM), Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ (Oct. 5-7). Muslims and Jews Symposium Program  
2011. Four-week Coolidge Annual Research Colloquium: “Explorations at the Intersection of Religious Pluralism and Jewish-Christian Dialogue,” Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY (July). Cross Currents Cover 


•2016. “Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Bedzin Ghetto”. Webpage. Director & Faculty Mentor, with Prof. Steven Jacobs (Computer Science). Year-long student research & design project. Launched May 5.
•2015. “Culpable”. Commission of site-specific installation by Shawn Skabelund, exhibited January-April.
•2014. “Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Bedzin Ghetto.” Traveling exhibit. Director & Faculty Mentor, with Dr. Martin Kalb (History). Three-semester, interdisciplinary student research & design project. Opening: Sep. 30. Bedzin Opening 
•2014. “Berlin Wall.” Permanent Exhibit. Co-Director & Faculty Mentor, with Prof. Melissa Santana (Interior Design) and Dr. Martin Kalb (History). Installed at Northern Arizona University. Three-semester interdisciplinary student research & design project. Opening: Oct. 10.
•2014. “Wounded Landscapes: Post-Holocaust Drawings, Artist Book, Paintings.” Curator, jointly organized with Museum of Northern Arizona University. March 11-April 26. 


•2017. Flagstaff Jewish Lives During and After the Holocaust and World War II. Editor-in-Chief. Flagstaff, AZ: The Martin-Springer Institute
•2010. Male Confessions: Intimate Revelations and the Religious Imagination. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Pp. 298. 
•2009. Men and Masculinities in Christianity and Judaism: A Critical Reader. Editor. London: SCM Press. Pp. 512. 
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•2000. My Father’s Testament: Memoir of a Jewish Teenager, 1938-1945. Authored by Edward Gastfriend. Edited with an Afterword by Björn Krondorfer. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Pp. 187.
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•1992. Body and Bible: Interpreting and Experiencing Biblical Narratives. Editor. Philadelphia: Trinity Press International. Pp. 209. 

Guest-Edited Journals

•2015. Theme: “Antisemitism and Islamophobia: Probing the History and Dynamics of Hate.” CrossCurrents (September). Pp. 292-403.
•2012. Theme: “Masculinities and Religion: Continuities and Change.” Ed. with Stephen Hunt. Religion and Gender (Fall).
•2011. Theme: “Embattled Masculinities in the Religious Traditions.” CrossCurrents  (December). Pp. 426-573.

Special Lectures and Awards

•2016. “'Critical Men' Studies in Religion: How it started and Where it needs to go.” Keynote at God’s Own Gender? Religions and their Concepts of Masculinity. Westfälische Wilhelms-University, Münster. Germany.
•2013-2015. Selected Scholar for Speakers Bureau of the Arizona Humanities.
•2012. Norton Dodge Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement
•2012. “The Art of Dialogue: Jewish-Christian Relations in a Post-Shoah World.” The Jerome S. Cardin Memorial Lecture, Loyola University, Baltimore.
•2011. “Männer und Männlichkeiten in Christentum und Judentum.” Public Keynote Lecture at international conference Religion and Masculinities in Modernity. Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena. Germany. 
•2011. “Disregard, Compassion, Forgiveness.” Panel Moderation with Avraham Burg (Israel), Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (South Africa), Bernhard Sabella (Palestine), Scilla Elworthy (UK) at Conflict Transformation and Mysticism, Würzburg, Germany. 
•2010. “The Future of Memory: Reconciling Past Hurts and Present Conflicts.” The William Temple Lecture at Jaamiatul-ilm Wal-Huda (Islamic College), in conjunction with Blackburn Cathedral, Blackburn, United Kingdom.
•2009. “Conversation with Archbishop Tutu, Rabble Rouser for Peace: Engaged, Compassionate Leadership in Challenging Times.” Panelist with Desmond Tutu at international conference Beyond Reconciliation. Cape Town, South Africa.
•2008. Recipient of Mellon Grant through the Center of Democracy Study (St. Mary’s College) to develop seminar on “Confessions, Transitional Justice, Reconciliation.”
•2007. Recipient of International Education Travel Award to Thailand on Socially Engaged Buddhism (Theravada Tradition), St. Mary’s College of Maryland.
•2004. Summer Research Workshop on Gender & Holocaust, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington.
•2004. “Remembrance and Reconciliation: Why the Memory of the Holocaust Matters Today.” The 2004 Robert Salomon Morton Memorial Lecture, Northeastern University, Boston, MA. 
•1996-2012. Selected Scholar for Speakers Bureau of the Maryland Humanities Council.

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