The Department of Comparative Cultural Studies

Discover the complexities of human cultures

What does it mean when museums are asked to return works of art to their countries of origin? When Native Americans protest a ski center’s proposal to make artificial snow on a mountain they hold sacred? When schools battle over the teaching of evolution? If asking “what does it all mean?” is your passion, check out our degree in Comparative Cultural Studies with emphases in Art History, Humanities, and Comparative Study of Religions, to see how you can begin to uncover the complexities of diverse human cultures (both past and present).

Coursework that matches your interests

You’ll be offered a wide range of courses—in art history, film, literature, philosophical and religious traditions, intellectual history, and cultural diversity, to name a few. You’ll interact with faculty who will challenge you and provide support for your academic and career development. You’ll benefit from the vibrant arts and cultural scene in Flagstaff—networking and internship opportunities abound at local museums, art galleries, and more.

A range of experiences

Our program can help you begin to discover the answers to the questions above—and many more—through demanding courses, study abroad opportunities, internships, and more. Here, you’ll learn about yourself as you study others: Where do your ideas and values come from? What are the implications of those values—for your life and the lives of others?

If you’re intrigued by diverse cultures and want to know more about how we relate to the world, join us.


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