Wood Kiln Facility and Summer Woodfire Workshop

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The Ceramics Complex has one of the largest wood fired kiln facilities in the US, housing seven kilns, including one of only three Tozan kiln sites in the world. 

There is a course dedicated to wood fire, offering students the opportunity to make work for and participate in the firing process. Advanced students, with the proper training, also have the opportunity to participate in numerous firings throughout the year. 

The well equipped Wood Kiln Facility includes:

  • Tozan noborigama and anagama kilns
  • Double catenary arch wood/wood-soda kiln 
  • Small anagama kiln
  • Double wide train kiln
  • Switchback train kiln
  • 2 hydraulic logspitters
  • Chainsaw
  • Wood supply

  • Summer Woodfire Workshop

    The annual Wood Fire Workshop generally takes place during the last two weeks of July. Participants are welcome to bring bisque ware from home, as well as, create new work during the session. On campus housing is affordable and located near the Ceramics Complex.

    For registration information please contact jason.hess@nau.edu.

    Read more about the 2006 Wood Fire Conference and history of wood-firing at NAU.