Weiss Gallery



The Weiss Gallery is located inside the historic Old Main building, on the third floor above the NAU Art Museum's rotating exhibition galleries.


Biography of Marguerite Hettel Weiss 

The Marguerite Hettel Weiss Art Museum is part of the Northern Arizona University Art Museum, and houses a display of art and furniture from the estate of the late Marguerite Hettel Weiss, educator and collector of fine art.

Mrs. Weiss was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She earned degrees from Miami University (Ohio) and the University of Cincinnati. She taught high school mathematics in the Cincinnati public schools for many years. As a compliment to her analytical abilities, Mrs. Weiss possessed a deep love of literature and art. Her studies at the University of Cincinnati included art, and it was here that her lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of art began. Her studies spanned the areas of architecture, sculpture, painting, landscaping, ceramics, fabrics, and interior design. Her unpublished writings cover diverse subjects such as architecture, sculpture, and poetry and other forms of literature. In addition to collecting fine works of art, Mrs. Weiss practiced watercolor painting.

Mrs. Weiss made many personal sacrifices to amass the collection that bears her name at Northern Arizona University. This eclectic collection contains numerous art objects from around the world. The collection includes furniture, sculptures, oils, watercolors, china, and silver. Some of the countries whose art is represented are Mexico, Great Britain, France, Peru, Italy, Africa, Costa Rica, India, China, and the United States. The collection also includes works by Native American and other Southwestern artists.