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Mind 2 Machine 2 Material: Digital Technology and Sculpture Today

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This catalogue features eight internationally renowned artists who are connecting their imaginations to the limitless possibilities of 3-D printing and sculpture. Mind 2 Machine 2 Material: Digital Technology and Sculpture Today explores emerging media and digital technologies in fine art at the Northern Arizona University Art Museum.

"3-D printing is more than just a technology, it has more to do with not being bound by any particular practice or even traditional art methods. If you can imagine it, you can create it," says David Van Ness, coordinator of New Media at NAU.

New Media, the term used when artists' aspirations interplay with digital technology is a "conceptual and phonomenological leap that is generating a great deal of interest around the globe," says Dr. George Speer, Director of the NAU Art Museum.

Sculptures in the exhibition range from small to large, light as thread to heavy as bronze, ghost-like human forms created from "glitched" movements, dreamy colorful swirls, thick books with pages of face sculptures, antler-clad beings, curious creatures, and birds with wings that flap when you approach.

Artists include David Van Ness, Tom Burtonwood, Ryan Buyssens, Dan Collins, Nick Ervinck, Sophie Kahn, LIA, and Mary Neubauer.

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Enduring America: Selections from the Collection of Art and Peggy Hittner

"Enduring America" Catalogue Cover

The works in this exhibition catalogue include portraits and genre scenes primarily from the 1930s and early 1940s, with the subject matter providing an almost diaristic account of ordinary lives in an extraordinary time. The decade leading up to the Second World War saw the twin disasters of the Great Depression and the Dustbowl Years, two monumental calamities that radically altered our nation’s self-perception as a place of endless resources and limitless opportunity. It is a profound paradox that this same decade — in which basic survival was often at stake — gave rise to an unprecedented visibility for American artists and to a sincerely and broadly held belief in these men and women as vital forces in our collective “recovery.”

“As we, in the twenty-first century, struggle with the perception that our nation has lost its magical exceptionalism to forces of globalization, extremism, and climate change, it is worth noting that this very same fear — the sense that America’s best days were behind it — shadowed the point-to-point, day-to-day challenges of the 1930s,” said Museum Director, Dr. George V. Speer. “But what is striking about the paintings and sculptures in the Hittner Collection is the steady, quiet thrum of optimism sustained by American artists in the face of hardship.”

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Sherrie Wolf: Historyonics 

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Wolf self-identifies as a still-life painter, though figures and landscapes also make their way into her artworks. Her oil paintings have recently featured arranged objects, often whimsical and fun, in front of amazing recreations of old master paintings and are known for their smooth surfaces, a result of a fine glazing technique executed with precise brush strokes.

"I am especially moved by the magic of illusion, and drawn to complex layers of activity within a painting. I want to exploit and to reveal, rather than disguise, the fact that art is artifice," said Wolf in her artist statement.

"Ms. Wolf's paintings reveal a deep understanding of European and American art history. Her canvases are beautifully crafted and argue convincingly for the continued relevance of painting in the digital age," said Dr. George Speer, director of the NAU Art Museum. "The Show is called Historyonics because Sherrie's work embraces the dramatic narratives of the masterworks and disrupts them with still life compositions that, in turn, do not 'behave' like still lifes - her arrangements function more as characters and landscapes than as conventional objects in an interior."

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