Welcome to the Department of Business and Administration

The Department of Business and Administration provides excellent business management and related higher education for students throughout Arizona both on campus and online. We are located in six NAU locations with full-time faculty in Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma. The faculty are highly qualified and fully engaged in a learning partnership with the students. 

The goal of the department is to be a premier provider of Baldrige-Quality business management and related higher education with an emphasis on value and accessibility. As evidence of this initiative, the Bachelor of Business Administration program received ACBSP Accreditation in Spring 2012. 

The department offers several baccalaureate degree programs and a master’s degree program, including:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 
  • Administration 
  • Technology Management 
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management 
  • Master of Administration
The baccalaureate degree programs provide students with the means to develop the following characteristics: 
  • to communicate business and related information professionally; 
  • to recognize and solve business and related problems in an ethical manner; 
  • to work well in diverse teams, including virtual settings (including leadership); 
  • to analyze and utilize financial information (BBA program). 
The Master of Administration degree provides students with the means to develop the following characteristics: 
  • to design, write, and produce professional documents in the key areas of leadership, organizational theory, ethics, and effective management of diverse cultures in organizations; 
  • to conduct research and program evaluation that produces useful, actionable results;
  •  to analyze problems and create solutions using a variety of qualitative and quantitative problem-solving processes, technologies, system approaches, and innovative/creative thinking; 
  • to apply professional skills to practical problems by consistently meeting deadlines, working both independently and collaboratively in teams, and integrating scholarly knowledge from the student’s chosen field of specialization and the core area; 
To achieve the department’s mission, we value and feature visionary and innovative leadership; lifelong student, faculty and organizational learning; ethical and socially responsible behavior; creating and improving excellent quality and value – personal and societal; and diversity of people and ideas. 
Students are the center of our focus and the faculty is dedicated to help you achieve your educational and career goals. We are excited you visited our web site and look forward to having you join the Department of Business and Administration. 
Alex Steenstra, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Business & Administration