Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Learn how to get the right stuff to the right place at the right time

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management program prepares you for entry or advancement in logistics and supply chain management. You will develop advanced skills in logistics and supply chain management, such as purchasing inputs, managing transportation, designing and locating facilities, monitoring logistics-related processes, and managing import and export.

Courses provide you with a greater understanding of the strategic impact of these activities. You will also broaden your business knowledge and skills through a variety of courses covering topics such as management, teamwork, management information systems, business communications, environmental management and ethics.

Prepare for a career in logistics and supply chain management

The program aims to prepare you to oversee logistics and supply chain operations, evaluate the performance of operations and participate in efforts to redesign and continuously improve efficiency.

Upon completion of your degree, you will be ready to enter a variety of fields including Import/Export, Distribution, Transportation, and Inventory Management.